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If you are interested in winning some great rewards, then keep an eye out for our upcoming Forex demo trading challenges.

As the saying goes, you must be in it to win it. But do keep in mind, you will be up against some of the best FX traders around the globe, so be sure to bring you're A-game.

The 3rd Forex Demo Trading Contest

Every Forex demo contest we run gets bigger and better and our Sep 2018 Forex demo competition surpassed all expectations. We had more entries than we've ever had and gave away more prizes. By the end of this trading challenge, the winner made 2449% return and took home the winner's cheque of $20000.

The 2nd Forex Demo Trading Contest

Forex demo trading competitions never cease to create amazing results. And this contest lived up to expectations with the winner making 6005% to take home the prize of $2500. Clearly, the top traders have a rock-solid handle on a number of trading strategies and a focus on aggressive risk management. There is no other way to create such strong returns in a short space of time. Make sure you put your name down for our next FX demo trading competition.

The January 2017 Forex Demo Trading Contest

In January 2017, we held our very first Forex demo trading contest. Our goal wasn't to get as many entrants as possible but to provide the best experience for all our contestants. We provided fantastic prizes but our focus was getting as much feedback as possible, so our future trading competitions are even better. Our winners loved the challenge and their trading was spectacular to say the least. The final winner made 814.96% over 2 weeks, which is incredible. Well done to all participants.